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My name is Stephanie and I've owned the site since April 2009. La Reveuse is French for a woman who dreams, French sounds nice ;D. I'm 25 and I graduated from FAU in 2010 with a double major in Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies of Social Sciences (thought I could save the world :P). I do plan on getting my Masters and hopefully, one day, my PhD.
I've been working on websites/graphics for years and I used to own faded-passion.net and hidden-paradise.net. I would like to write novels as well as do sociological research one day, so I have a nice little combination going. I have a fiance, Ryan, of 8 years and we'll be getting married in April 2013 ;)

Well that was a bit all over the place, but you get the jist.

^^ And that would be my dolphin. I named hime Bluey because he's obviously grey. Seaworld is just taking care of him for me right now ;D


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